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Review: "Last Breath" - Robert Bryndza

Title: Last Breath
(Detective Erika Foster #4)
Author: Robert Bryndza
Published by: Bookouture
Pages: 281
Publication Date: April 12th 2017

Synopsis: He’s your perfect date. You’re his next victim.
When the tortured body of a young woman is found in a dumpster, her eyes swollen shut and her clothes soaked with blood, Detective Erika Foster is one of the first at the crime scene. The trouble is, this time, it’s not her case.
While she fights to secure her place on the investigation team, Erika can’t help but get involved and quickly finds a link to the unsolved murder of a woman four months earlier. Dumped in a similar location, both women have identical wounds – a fatal incision to their femoral artery.
Stalking his victims online, the killer is preying on young pretty women using a fake identity. How will Erika catch a murderer who doesn’t seem to exist?
Then another girl is abducted while waiting for a date. Erika and her team must get to her before she becomes another dead victim, and, come face to face with a terrifyingly sadistic individual.
Gripping, tense and impossible to put down, Last Breath will have you on the edge of your seat, racing to the final dramatic page.

(may contain spoilers)

"Last Breath" is the fourth volume in the "Detective Erika Foster" series and it took my breath away (no pun intended)! Since the first volume that I got addicted to Erika's story and her life, but this one was different, more compelling and chilling!

In this book, Erika takes a case in which a body of a young woman was found in a dumpster. Detective Foster is immediately intrigued by the way the body was treated like. There are, evidently, marks of violence and torture and Erika couldn't be indifferent to all that suffering. But, in spite of not being in investigation team, Erika put all her knowledge and shrewdness into this case until she had her place back. As soon as Erika started digging, she found another open case with very similar aspects that happened some months earlier.

This case was not easy for Erika or anyone. The killer really knew how to erase his steps and to avoid all the important traffic cameras on the streets. And, it was until he got a third woman that the clues started appearing here and there! And when Erika and her team started going around asking questions, coming up with partial answers and coming closer to know the truth, the killer felt cornered and some of his mistakes gave him away!

The killer in this book really got into me. He seemed like a really normal guy with a nice job, despite his weak and cold personality. But when we started to get some more information about his personal life and his beliefs, I got chills in my spine! I felt scared by how someone's intentions can be so dark and mad!

But then we have Erika. A strong and independent woman who's starting to let the past go and accepting it! Erika turned into and awesome character and her past only made her stronger! Now, with Peterson, Erika is starting to let someone in her life who supports and believes in her! Definitely my favourite character!

This reading was an adventure, a roller-coaster! So much suspense, action and excitement! The plot was so intriguing, so chilling, so gripping! I just can't wait to read the next volume! Robert, I'll be wait for it!

I received this ARC via NetGalley by Bookouture in exchange for an honest review.

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