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Review: "The Persuader" - Robert Pollock

Title: The Persuader
Autor: Robert Pollock
Published by: The Odyssey Press
Pages: 241

Synopsis: He made her. Then he used her…
Earnest Stokes walks into the office of a well-known PR man with only one goal — to make his daughter a star.
Dan Sinclair is given a ten thousand pound down payment and a timeline of three years to launch the career of country mouse-into-model Jackson.
Jackson gets glamorous clothes, maquillage, and finally prestige exposure as cover girl on eight American magazines.
But to Sinclair, he sees the girl as nothing more than a product…
One that soon grows her own teeth.
Sinclair seems to forget his own lesson: “A means as a means, without a full appreciation of its effect on the end product, is shortsighted.”
As he uses Jackson to manipulate the fashion world, Jackson’s career skyrockets — propelling her high.
High enough, even, to enable her to destroy Sinclair…
The Persuader is perfect for fans of Mad Men, who are sure to love this story about the behind-the-scenes deals and manipulations of a shady PR man and the supermodel he created.

(may contain spoilers)

Dan Sinclair is an well-known and influent Public Relation's man! And when he receives a huge amount of money to turn Jackson into a star, he doesn't turn the offer down! Otherwise, what kind of man would people think he was? Sinclair does everything in his power to keep his word! But there's a single twist! Sinclair has a plan to use Jackson to his own interests! But, will Jackson use her new position to get back to Sinclair?

This is a story full of twists and interests! It may seem a but unreal but if we really look at it, we can see some similarities with our world and reality. How many times things happen because someone asked for a favour or because someone will gain something with it?

This book really show how the world is being directed from behind, how sometimes we don't see what's behind the curtain or even when things are right under our nose! This book really blew my mind! Definitely a page turner full of plot twists and so so realistic!

I received a copy of this book by Endeavour Press in exchange for an honest review.

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