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Review: "Fighting for Phoebe" - Jennifer Ann

Title: Fighting for Phoebe
Author: Jennifer Ann

Jace Daniels is undeniably sexy.
I mean who doesn’t like the muscular, tattooed type who’s all mysterious and brooding? But he’s on the run from something dangerous, and I have enough of my own problems.
My existence has revolved around deception for as long as I can remember. Sometimes lying is like a damn I’ve been exposed to since birth. And as many times as I’ve dreamed about running away, my mother’s grasp on me runs deep.
Phoebe Carson is hot as hell.
She’s not just gorgeous, but quirky and a lot of fun. Even though I can’t afford to get involved with anyone, I feel a need to protect her from her psychotic ex. 
After a failed attempt to expose the truth about a fellow Marine’s disappearance, running was my only option. I don’t know how much time I have until they’ll arrest me, but I’m determined to make things right.
When their paths collide, neither of them can walk away from the explosive passion. But once the truth unravels, proving it’s more than fate that brought them together, will Jace still decide she’s worth fighting for

(may contain spoilers)

This is the first time I read something of Jennifer Ann. And this reading turned out to be utterly amazing! The characters were so likeable and unique! And the plot was such a roller-coaster! So many feelings and thoughts during the whole book! It was pretty fantastic! And that ending! O-M-G!

Jace Daniels is a marine who's running away from something that may put him in jail! He's that kind of guy all muscular and with some ink here and there! I mean, who wouldn't find him pretty attractive? But Jace's hiding something dark and he doesn't want to put anyone in dangerous because of some things he had done. One night, he stopped at a bar for some reason and with him he only has got a bag with some stuff and his bike. And then, there's Phoebe!

She's a petit girl, who has always been mistreated her whole life. Her ex boyfriend is a bad guy but never takes the blame because his father's the sheriff. Her mother is not a good person also. She's as a scheme through which she gets money from rich man. But to do that, Phoebe has to do pretty disgusting/revolting stuff. 

In spite of needing to run away from what's chasing him, Jace decides to stay and help Phoebe mostly with her ex malicious boyfriend. But things don't end here. Jace also tries to get Phoebe away from her mother. But Phoebe's a prisoner. Or she thought she was! She may not know Jace for a long time, but she trusts him right away! And according to her feelings, he might mean something more to her! Their connection gets pretty physical and the sexual tension is enormous! But there's something else, something stronger than that tension!

Jace's past keeps chasing him and he might have to deal with it instead of running away! Towards the end, we learn that Jace's past and Phoebe are connected somehow! And it might not be easy to accept! Because, Phoebe may be hiding something and Jace may be believing something that's not true!

The amount of suspense and romance in this book is a big deal! There's a right equilibrium between both of them and the result was fantastic! I read this book in less that 5 hours and I regret nothing! This reading was full of mind-blowing plot twists and that ending was something I was not expecting at all!

Although this was a great reading, I'm sad to know that this is a stand alone book. I just couldn't get enough of Phoebe and Jace and now there's nothing else to read! I guess I have "end-of-book depression"!

This ARC was generously sent to me by Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for a honest review.

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