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Review: "Dangerous To Know" - Anne Buist

Title: Dangerous To Know
(Natalie King, Forensic Psychiatrist #2)
Author: Anne Buist
Published by: Legends Times
ISBN: 9781785079429
Pages: 295

Synopsis: Natalie King is back: back from a stay on the psych ward. Her reluctance to live a quiet life has contributed to a severe depressive episode, and now it's time for a retreat to the country, and a low-key research job at a provincial university nearby.
But Natalie and trouble have a strange mutual fascination. Her charismatic new boss Frank is friendly, even attractive. But it turns out his pregnant wife is an old enemy of Natalie's. And when Frank's tragic personal history is revealed - then reprised in the most shocking way - Natalie finds herself drawn deep into a mystery. And even deeper into danger.

(may contain spoilers)

"Dangerous to Know" is the second book of the "Natalie King, Forensic Psychiatrist" series by Anne Buist. Because I didn't read the first book "Medea's Curse" and the fact that there are so many characters in common, I felt like I lost some of the story's context. But, as I kept reading the chapters, it got easier to understand character's personality and stories!

Natalie King is a forensic psychiatrist, but her mental health has some bumps! She's bipolar and right in the beginning of this book we realize that she's in a mental/psychiatric ward! Eventually she's released but her job can really influence her health. So, she tries to calm down a bit and apply for another job.

Now, professor Frank Moreton will be her supervisor. But she wasn't expecting at all that she would be helping him with issues of his own and that the past would come back to torment her! She starts to get along with Frank but his wife is Alison, a woman with whom Natalie didn't get along. Their story was developed in the first book of the series, and about this aspect, I felt kind of lost and frustrated because I didn't know what happened before!

As I kept reading, Natalie starts encountering familiar faces! Some good ones and some bad ones! And when she thought her life was quite organized, someone tried to run her off the road!

Natalie is an amazing character and Anne Buist did an amazing job about all those mental health issues! One aspect that I really liked was the fact that Buist talked about the electroshock therapy. It's is such a taboo issue and Buist wasn't afraid to talk about it! Fantastic!

This is such a page-turner book with a fantastic plot! The characters have such a personality and are so likeable! Natalie turned out to be such a strong woman despite all the bad things that happened to her! So excited to get to read the first book because there were some aspects that I still didn't understand! But, overall, an amazing job by Anne Buist!

I received a copy of this book by Legend Times in exchange for an honest review.

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