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Book Blitz: "The Producer" - Aubrey Parker

Title: The Producer (Trillionaire Boys’ Club #2)
Author: Aubrey Parker
Publication date: January 10th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance

These hot, powerful men don’t impress me.
I’m not new to this secret club of billionaires. I know all about their Syndicate … and even some of their plans to control the world. I’m Alyssa Friggin’ Galloway, publicity genius, and I’ve dealt with all of them: Nathan Turner, who built the Boys’ Club, and even the insufferable Ashton Moran.
They’re all the same: all arrogance and bluster, using women like disposable things. I’m immune to their charms.
So why does the worst of the worst … Cole Freaking Ellison … intrigue me so much?
To stay afloat with all these MEN, I need to be tough. So I hold my ground. But Cole? He sees right through me to the vulnerable thing beneath.
Cole wants to control me. He wants to use me for his own pleasure.
And against all judgment, I want to let him.

The Producer is part of the Trillionaire Boys’ Club series by Aubrey Parker. Each book tells the story of one of the Club’s powerful members … and you’re going to want to collect them all.

Excerpt 1
Alyssa’s lips purse to laugh, but I’m not kidding. I’ve never done anything precisely like this before, and that newness makes the errand feel dire and serious. I want her. I will have her. I’m not willing to wait, and if Alyssa doesn’t like the disorder caused by my early arrival? Well, she doesn’t need to be in charge of everything all the time, does she?
I walk closer, wondering at my own actions. Not caring. Only feeling the need that’s been burning within me all day while thinking about her.
I’m an edge-walker, but not usually this devious.
Today is different. Today I’m like a criminal, bent on achieving my need through any means necessary. So I called her assistant, Susanne, and told her I was from UPS and that there was an oversized package she needed to sign for. When the assistant left the office, I sneaked in behind her and locked her out. I’m sure she can call the superintendent or someone to let her back in, but that’ll take time. She could cut to the chase and call Alyssa, but her boss won’t be answering phones for a while.
She’ll be otherwise occupied.
Unable to speak.
“Cole …”
A sentence without a predicate. She doesn’t know what to say.
At least not anything more than my name.
“Let’s cut the shit,” I tell her.
Alyssa looks frozen in place. Ravishing. I got hard the moment I decided not to wait until four. Now I’m throbbing. I want her. I haven’t stopped thinking about her since that text.
I’ll try hard to prepare myself.
It turns me on, knowing she’s thinking about me. Alyssa comes off as such a straight-laced girl. A total pro. She wears her sensible girl suits with her sensible girl skirts that never rise immodestly high. Heels that are common but understatedly sexy, if you know where to look. She wears her hair like she’s going to court, but all I can think of is shaking it loose. Her features are always so hard, but if you pay attention it’s easy to see just how breathtakingly beautiful she is.
Once you know Alyssa for a while, you start thinking that she’s sexless. But one couched text, with its barely-there innuendo, was enough to shatter that impression. Yesterday morning could have caught her off guard. Our encounter on the bathroom floor might have been a one-time thing she’d instantly regret. But her text changed that. It made me see, through the thinnest of cracks in her frozen facade, that Alyssa isn’t a robot.
Now I know she’s truly a woman, with desires to match my own.
My cock strains against its confinement. I watch her chest rise and fall; her nipples push against her silky white blouse. She’s breathing long and slow through moist, gently parted lips. Her eyes stay on mine, hungry under her reservations.
“Let’s stop bullshitting each other and fuck like animals.”
“You need to leave.”
“You don’t want me to leave,” I say, shaking my head. “So tell me. Forget about what’s proper for once, and tell me what you really want.”
Her eyes flick toward the door. I’ve locked that one, too, same as the outer door her assistant is probably already finding closed.
“Say it, Alyssa.”
“I don’t know what you want me to say.”
“Say you’ve been thinking about me.”
Alyssa says nothing.
“Say you’ve been wet all day, waiting for four to come.”
She swallows. I step closer. I move around the desk. Alyssa looks for all the world like she’s about to startle and flee. But she doesn’t go. Instead she lets me walk up next to her, close enough to smell. She says nothing as my hands run up her sides, as I brush her hair away from her long neck. She tips her head sideways, just a little. I can’t see her eyes from behind, but I imagine them closing.
“Say the truth,” I whisper into her ear.
“I want you.”

Excerpt 2
I lean into him, and feel his arm wrap around me. I look up at him. “I know what I want. It’s not the same. I’d never try to control you. I’m strong. I won’t stop being strong. But with you? Here? I want to stop being strong. You were right, Cole. It’s exhausting to fight all the time. I don’t want to control you the way she did. I want you to control me. I’m yours, through and through, to do with as you wish.”
I fall silent. I can’t look at him. I’ve either done the boldest, most aggressive thing I’ve ever known a woman to do with a man, or I’ve been the most submissive version of myself that’s ever existed. I don’t know if I’m taking him over or surrendering to him. I don’t know if I’ve seized his reins, or laid myself bare to eviscerate.
For the first time, I’m embarrassed to be sitting here naked with him fully clothed, saying things it’s not in my character to ever say. I don’t know how he even got those words out of me — out of the Iron Bitch Alyssa Galloway. But he did. And I don’t know if I’ve done right or wrong.
I can only wait. Sit here as seconds tick by, waiting to see.
“You want it to continue,” he finally says.
“I need it to.” And with the words, I know I’m telling the truth.
“You won’t try and control me.”
“I want you to control me. For the time I’m with you, I want to be off-duty.” I mean this. I’ve never meant anything this much. “My life is so full, Cole. I’m always keeping schedules. I’m always deciding. I’m always in command. But right now, I want to be yours. Your possession, to do with as you please.”
Who the fuck am I? What the fuck am I saying?
Cole holds me for a second. His firm hands. The feel of his arm tight around me.
Then he picks me up and lays me on a plush rug in the middle of his hardwood floor.
“Cole,” I say as he begins to loosen his tie, his steely blue eyes upon me.
“You’re in charge. In your hands, I’m not in control.”
He nods. The tie is off. His big fingers crawl down the front of his shirt, baring his chest. “If that’s what you want.”
“But the rest of my life — the times when I’m not here with you. Those are my times. Those are my boundaries. You can’t tell me what to do then. You’re not my only client. Or my most important one. You cannot talk down to me or disrespect me. I earned my place. You can fuck me all you want. But never, Cole, are you to fuck with me.”
It’s the best of all worlds. Cole doesn’t need another Rachel to spar with and I don’t want to be her, fighting his imposing ways. This is my compromise. In the figurative bedroom, I’m Cole’s. But the rest of the time, I answer only to myself.
“Of course,” Cole says.
“So I need you to make me one promise.”
“I need to know that when I’m in your hands, I can trust you.” I swallow. “I don’t want to have to think when I’m with you. So you need to think for me. I’m giving you control. I’m closing my eyes and leaning backward, trusting that you’re behind me.”
“I’m here, Alyssa.”
“I want you to promise that if I start to fall, you’ll catch me.”
Cole nods assent.
And then he takes me.

Excerpt 3
I fuck Alyssa on the rug.
I fuck Alyssa on the terrace.
I fuck Alyssa in each of the bedrooms, and the second time she gets down on her knees when I tell her and takes my cock as it slips out of her pussy, jerks it off, and makes me come in her mouth.
I fuck her with my fingers.
I fuck her with my tongue, with my hungry lips.
I fuck her riding, standing, sitting, forward, backward, in every offered hole.
She begs. I give. I come so many times I’m entirely dry.
We rest.
We rehydrate.
We do it again.
I fuck Alyssa on the grand piano. I don’t play piano, but it’s there for show. We discover the weight limit of the propped-open lid, so I move her to the keys, and fuck her while her ass plays an obscene form of chopsticks.
I fuck Alyssa against my apartment’s tall glass walls, both facing in and facing out. Part of me hopes a paparazzo has climbed up into one of the other buildings and will take our picture, because the moment’s ecstasy makes me want to share it with the world.
Partly it’s pride. Nobody thinks Alyssa is what she is. This perfect woman, both strong and supple, both bold and submissive. She challenges me, but does as I say when it needs doing. She won’t do my laundry or bake me a cake, but she’ll hop up on the counter with her legs spread and coat her ass in flour if I say so.
I’ve made her come in every room of my house. I can’t get enough of her. I’m always thirsty for her, no matter how much I drink. She is my constant arousal. I want her so much, it’s almost painful.
When it’s gone on long enough, we call mercy. We sleep a little, and in the morning I finger her awake. She says she’s sore. I tell her to deal with it, and we do a workout like I’ve never done.
“Alyssa,” I say. “It’s seven o’clock.”
And just like that, I see something shift in her eyes. She’s still the thing that drives me to distraction, but now she’s something else. It’s like a switch has been flipped. She stops being Alyssa the Toy and becomes Alyssa the Powerful. I don’t give her any more commands. If I do so now, she’ll bite me in half.
Two women share my bed. The one I fuck, and the one who, if I do something stupid to impose on her business, will fuck me up.
She heads to work. She has no clothes. Fortunately I do, so she gets showered and dressed and with the additional time between us goes through my ladies’ wardrobe and suggests I get rid of everything that’s not her size or liking. It isn’t a command. She doesn’t get to tell me what to do, just like I don’t get to tell her what to do when lust presses Pause.
But there’s that understanding between us. Its black-and-white nature fits us both perfectly. There are rules for this thing we’re doing, and violating them will bring its end.
She won’t force my hand in the ways Rachel did, so it’s okay that I’m different around her. It won’t be like with Rachel, even though Alyssa — in manner and ambition, though not in appearance — is somewhat like her.
Where things went wrong before, they won’t go wrong now. Because we have our rules.
When we’re together, I’m in charge. That’s how Alyssa wants it, so she can turn the world off and follow instead of having to constantly lead.
When we’re not together, we answer only to ourselves, with zero interference.
While under my command, Alyssa will do as I say.
And in return, I’ll take care of her. Tell her when playtime is over — when it’s 7am and time to get ready for work. I won’t let her miss appointments she allows herself to forget during our bliss. In a way, I’m like her domineering secretary. I keep her calendar. I’m her reminder — allowed to have my every way, but in exchange she’s allowed to lose herself completely.
She’ll fall into my arms.
And I will always be there to catch her.

Author Bio
I love to write stories with characters that feel real enough to friend on Facebook, or slap across the face. I write to make you feel, think, and burn with the thrill that can only come from getting lost in the pages. I love to write unforgettable characters who wrestle with life's largest problems. My books may always end with a Happily Ever After, but there will always be drama on the way there.

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