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Review: "The Connector " - Aubrey Parker

Title: The Connector
(Trillionaire Boys’ Club #1)
Author: Aubrey Parker
Published by: EROS
Pages: 183

Synopsis: They say money can’t buy love. Fortunately, it can buy everything else. A week ago, I didn’t know who Nathan Turner was. That’s because he doesn’t own deals; he makes them instead. He’s the man behind the curtain — more powerful even than the man in front of it. He’s a multi-billion-dollar networker. A connector, in his own words. Nathan’s job is to pull strings. And when I butted my way into his office, he told me he planned to pull my strings, too. I thought I could make my own deal with Nathan, but now I’m in over my head. What he’s connecting now isn’t a takeover or a buyout. I think he’s forming a secret society instead: a Syndicate of billionaires who want to pool their assets into a trillion-dollar pool, then rule the world. I’m not up to this. I’m just an 18-year-old girl. But there’s no way Nathan will let me out now. 

(may contain spoilers)

The Connector is the first volume of the "Trillionaire Boys' Club" by Aubrey Parker. By its synopsis, it sounded like it was going to be like a light easy paced reading but it turned out to be something else. I excepted it not to focus so much on the sexual side of it but I was wrong.

Nathan Turner is a millionaire or more than that even! He's that kind of guy who think they can get it all just by the looks! The only difference is that Nathan was not expecting to fall in love at all! After going to lecture at a college, he got a glimpse of Alexandra. A 18-year-old young woman who just finished high school and doesn't have any idea of who Nathan is.

Her friends almost mock her because Nathan is a complete strange to her. But soon she realizes that he is a very handsome guy. Due to her business ideas, she decides to go to his office. But what happens really surprises her. And it's from this point on that the story goes to a path that I was not expecting.

The synopsis focus a lot on the business aspect of the plot. Nathan may be considered an entrepreneur who has a valuable company and now he's looking for partners for his "club". That would be something interesting to see what Nathan would do to get what he wants. Instead, the story is based on the sex-relationship of Nathan and Alexa.

I get that this is an erotic-kind of book, but I think that it was not necessary to base the all the plot on that. The business side would give the story a different perspective and would make it more likeable.

Despite the aspects I mentioned before, "The Connector" is still a good book. Nathan and Alexa are quite unique characters and the plot is really light. I'm looking forward to read the next volume of the "Trillionaire Boys’ Club".

I received an ARC via NetGalley by Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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