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Review: "Discovering the Dark" - Becca Noire

Title: Discovering the Dark
(Into My Silhouette #1)
Author: Becca Noire
ASIN: B01EY1I098

Synopsis: Becca Noire wants something more from life. Divorced and about to become an Empty-Nester, she never expects her quest to reclaim her own life will lead her down such a dangerous path. All she wanted was to start the search for Mr. Right. 
Enter John who sweeps her off her feet. Mysterious, handsome, commanding, he introduces her to a world where she can finally indulge her sexual fantasies with no shame. Becca thinks she has found it all … 
Until one tragic, horrifying night shows Becca that everything, even this new life of hers, comes with a price. "The Society" she is now a part of operates by its own rules. 
What has she gotten herself into? What is she willing to sacrifice for love? And most importantly … what is the cost of her escape?
Into My Silhouette: Discovering the Darkness will at first excite and entice readers… then leave them spinning in horror by the end. A fascinating combination of erotica and psychological thriller, this is one breathless ride!

(may contain spoilers)

I requested this book mostly because of its synopsis. It sounded really catching and interesting. But, in reality, the book wasn't exactly what I was expecting it was. I read the whole thing but I must say that I really wanted to give it up at so many points. Maybe it wasn't the best time to pick it up and read it...

Becca is in her forties, she's divorced and a mother. She spends her day at work and feels like her life is kind of monotonous. So, to change it up a little bit, Becca gets into one of those dating site hoping to find a man who knows his place in a relationship. In other words, Becca wanted someone "dominant". Loads of messages started to pop up but it was John's one that caught Becca's attention.

John is a business man, always surrounded by work. Most of the time, John's travelling around the world in business. But his charm and those ice blue eyes didn't let Becca get away. The only thing Becca still needed to know was if John was the man she was looking for. For a moment, she thought so but John's secrets revealed something slightly different.

John attends to some parties where BDSM is practised and introduces Becca to that world. But, something expected happened. John liked to be a voyeur. Needless to say, Becca just stood there doing that she was supposed to do while John was sitting there.

Their relationship was all cute at the beginning but as the time passed, was really this kind of relationship that Becca wanted? I mean, she wanted a man who would make her feel good and all, not someone who would just sit and watch. And I think that was one of the problems with this book. Their relationship was nothing like when two people like each other, even a little. It was so cold in terms of feelings and all... There was no connection between them..

And then, even after something shocking and unexpected happened to Becca, John was still so distant and cold... I don't know... I didn't make sense to me...

The ending was kind of predictable, and that so called "friend" of her turned out to be such a heartless person... But I was expecting something like that. And then there's John again... He keeps going to those parties around the world while his supposed "girlfriend" stays at home alone thinking that he was working...

I would like to read the second book to know how everything turned out. Not because of John, but because Becca seems such a strong woman and I'd like to think that she will get over this.

I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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