quarta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2016

Lançamento: "Air" - L. B. Gilbert

No próximo dia 28 de Novembro, a autora L. B. Gilbert contará com mais uma obra nas bancas! O 2º volume da série "The Elementals": "Air".

"Being an Elemental is in Logan’s blood. Hers is the gift of Air, a vast power she’s still struggling to control. Then a Were named Connell hunts her down. His wolf is missing, and he blames her.
A den of werewolves is the last place Logan wants to be. The testosterone alone is enough to make her choke. But she has a mystery to solve. She will find out who is stealing wolves even if kills her. 
Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the enemy has planned…"

Livros da série "The Elementals"

Opinião: "Fire" - L. B. Gilbert: AQUI

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